Independent retailers are eager to expand their digital, value-added services for consumers, but many applications struggle to access the retail point-of-sale (POS), faced with a choice between costly and disruptive hardware upgrades or integrating directly into the software layer of each POS system.

Snap2Save’s applications are built on cutting edge POSBridge technology, that eliminates the need for integration, or a separate hardware device, by using a unified developer API layer across all POS systems, regardless of POS software.  This enables any digital application to interact in real-time with a transaction.

POSBridge interacts with existing POS systems and captures data like this:

  • Computers have what is called an Input/Output (I/O) layer.

  • Peripheral devices, such as barcode scanners, keyboards and printers, are connected to the I/O layer using serial or USB connections, and communicate with the computer by sending binary data signals.

  • POSBridge captures that binary data flow in real-time and exports it to the cloud for use by digital applications.

  • Shopping basket contents can be analyzed and rules for rewards, incentives and redemption can be applied.

    Hardware Stack 06-22-20 A

POSBridge allows unlimited applications to access a very limited POS system via a common API connection, enabling:


  Loyalty Programs

  Produce Incentive and Healthcare Applications

  Digital Coupons

  Data Analytics

POSBridge allows retailers to deploy any number of digital applications.  It’s simple to deploy and easy to use.

Thru POSBridge, Snap2Save is the gateway for digital transformation of the retail sector.