Snap2Save was founded as a health & wellness focused loyalty app launched in several Colorado Save-A-Lot stores. Our innovative Healthy Food Rewards incented the purchase of fresh fruit and vegetables by providing 3X points on all produce purchases, while also delivering healthy recipes, health and fitness tips, and cooking videos through the mobile app.

Snap2Save has now developed proprietary technology to automate and implement healthy purchase incentive programs, based on point-of-sale (POS) technology that streams real-time transaction data directly to the cloud, without requiring integration with the retailer’s POS system.  This effectively positions Snap2Save to build the retail healthcare incentive and data infrastructure of the future.

Efficiently extracting retail grocery sales data in real-time has always been a key roadblock to tracking and rewarding shopper behavior, especially in the highly fragmented independent grocery market. There are 21,000 independent grocers, and many want to provide health & wellness offerings like major retailers, such as Walmart and Kroger.

In response to this need, Snap2Save has developed its first two applications to support healthy incentive programs:

  • HealthEBucks – The USDA’s GusNIP grant SNAP produce incentive program (aka Double Up Food Bucks), allows SNAP beneficiaries to ‘double’ their fresh produce purchases. Our application automates this process and will help GusNIP grantees expand access to retailers for SNAP shoppers.

  • HealthEBucksRX – Food prescription programs (aka FoodRx), through which healthcare providers ‘prescribe’ fresh produce for patients, is a rapidly expanding treatment regimen for chronic conditions like diabetes. Our technology enables providers to generate vouchers for fresh produce on-site, which are then honored at participating local retailers.

These programs are the first applications in a broad-based health & wellness incentive platform Snap2Save will develop, aimed at rewarding the purchase of a wide variety of healthy foods in the grocery aisles.  From lean chicken to fat free yogurt, to low sugar and sodium items, consumers often want to eat healthy, but need a little push in the form of rewards and cash discounts to make the leap.

Snap2Save is partnering with independent grocers to provide them with the technology and applications necessary to satisfy this customer demand.  Independent grocers often fill the need where major chains fall short, in customer service and community connection. Snap2Save is proud to be a part of that customer commitment and value.