In the past, food prescription (FoodRx) and USDA SNAP produce purchase incentive programs have typically been highly-manual and paper-based.

Our proprietary POSBridge technology has allowed us to develop automated versions of these programs, which stream purchase data directly from the retail point-of-sale (POS) to the cloud, without requiring expensive integrations or hardware upgrades. This enables our applications to interact in real-time with transactions, and provides retailers, agencies and clinics the opportunity to expand these popular programs while lowering labor and distribution costs.

HealthEBucksRx (FoodRx)

HealthEBucksRX 06-23-20

Food prescriptions are a rapidly expanding health & wellness solution.  With FoodRx, a healthcare provider ‘prescribes’ fresh fruit and vegetables by giving a patient a voucher for free produce, which can be redeemed at local retailers. Vouchers enable providers to not only address chronic healthcare issues, like diabetes and high-blood pressure, which studies show can be improved with the consumption of more fresh produce, but help patients experiencing food insecurity as well.

A staff member said to Lori Pizarro, Care Coordinator at Health Solutions, “I just wanted to let you know the good news.  Ms (Blank) has been using the Snap2Save vouchers for a few months.  She has done absolutely amazing.  Her weight is down 19 pounds and her A1C is down from 9.2 to 7.2, April to today. Yay! Just a happy dance for the assistance of the Snap2Save fresh produce.  She has been able to change her diet and it has showed.  The patient wants to express her deepest appreciation for the assistance of Care Coordination education and Snap2Save vouchers.”

Jim Garcia, CEO at Tepeyac Community Health Center, said “Since the onset of the pandemic, many Tepeyac Community Health Center patients experienced economic instability and food insecurity as the result of job loss or having been directly impacted by COVID 19. The Snap2Save FoodRx Program has proven to be a major benefit to Tepeyac patients who are experiencing food insecurity and has allowed patients and their families to supplement their food budget with vouchers for fresh produce. We anticipate that Tepeyac patients, particularly those experiencing chronic disease, will continue to benefit from the Snap2Save FoodRx program as they will be able to continue to supplement their diets with fresh produce.”

Thru HealthEBucksRx:

  • Digital vouchers are created for providers.

  • Providers distribute the vouchers to patients, by hard-copy or contactless via email or text.

  • During checkout, sales clerks simply scan barcodes or enter unique 10-digit codes from the vouchers.

  • HealthEBucksRx tracks the purchase of fresh produce and applies vouchers in real-time.

  • Electronic reporting allows providers to track patient compliance and sponsors to reimburse retailers.

HealthEBucks (GusNIP Grant SNAP Produce Incentives)

HealthEBucks 06-23-20

SNAP produce incentives, which are popularly known as ‘Double Up Food Bucks’ allow SNAP beneficiaries to ‘double’ their fresh produce purchases.

Our application automates this process and provides electronic reporting, supporting GusNIP grantees and retailers in their efforts to expand access and better serve SNAP shoppers.

Thru POSBridge, HealthEBucks:

  • Analyzes a shopper’s basket in real-time.

  • Tracks their purchase of fresh produce and other qualifying healthy foods.

  • Dynamically prints a voucher in real-time for an equal amount of qualifying healthy foods, which can be redeemed instantly or used at a later date.

  • Provides electronic reporting that allows program sponsors (who are funded by the USDA and other organizations) to reimburse retailers.

When asked about HealthEBucks, Wendy Moshetti, Director of Strategic Initiatives at LiveWell Colorado said “Snap2Save’s POS upgrades have allowed us to integrate Double Up Food Bucks Colorado quicker and more efficiently into retailers. It has allowed a simplified, streamlined option for incentives that is both manageable for store staff and easy for customers to use. The Snap2Save staff are very communicative and willing to create technology that truly meets the needs of incentive programming. We are excited for LiveWell to be able to offer Double Up through effective technology that puts more produce into SNAP shoppers’ carts.”

These programs are the first applications in a broad-based health & wellness incentive platform Snap2Save will develop aimed at rewarding the purchase of a wide variety of healthy foods in the grocery aisles.  From lean chicken to fat free yogurt, to low sugar and sodium items, consumers often want to eat healthy, but need a little push in the form of rewards and cash discounts to make the leap.