Sam E

Sam Jonas, CEO & President

A serial entrepreneur who built and exited multiple companies serving the independent retail sector, with a keen understanding of retailers, vendors and the service infrastructure required to scale.

Cathy D

Cathy Maglione, COO/Product Development

A seasoned professional with experience in business development, operations management, product development and testing.

Mike D

Mike Heuss, Lead Developer

Founder of a real-time security monitoring company and former owner of a website development firm. Specializing in the development of highly scalable systems for the payments industry.

Chris C

Chris Leevers, Grocery Industry Advisor

Senior VP of Leevers Supermarkets, a leading Save-A-Lot licensee with 18 stores in Colorado.  A 3rd generation grocer experienced in all aspects of management, with a focus on ‘hard discount’ markets and data management.

Flossie D

Flossie O’Leary, Healthcare Consultant

Former Deputy Director of Clinica Tepeyac and a community health expert with a focus on LIC issues and FQHC qualification and designation.  Active in non-profit and private partnerships, raising over $36MM in funding to date.

Dave E

Dave Mitchell, Technology and Data Science Advisor

Senior Director of Data Science and Software Engineering at Oracle Data Cloud. A skilled manager, programmer and analyst, with a talent for building high performing teams that can quickly bring innovative ideas to market.

John D

John Glace, Strategic Advisor/Marketing and Revenue

A global leader with expertise in customer development, marketing, shopper strategy and engagement, and business process development.


Larry Van Der Veen, Technology Consultant

A senior technology executive with extensive experience in payments, promotions and healthcare, and a keen ability to bridge the gap between technology and business constituencies.