Sam E

Sam Jonas, CEO & President

A serial entrepreneur who built and exited multiple companies serving the independent retail sector, with a keen understanding of retailers, vendors and the service infrastructure required to scale.

Cathy D

Cathy Maglione, COO/Product Development

A seasoned professional with experience in business development, operations management, product development and testing.

Mike D

Mike Heuss, Lead Developer

Founder of a real-time security monitoring company and former owner of a website development firm. Specializing in the development of highly scalable systems for the payments industry.

Chris C

Chris Leevers, Grocery Industry Advisor

Senior VP of Leevers Supermarkets, a leading Save-A-Lot licensee with 18 stores in Colorado.  A 3rd generation grocer experienced in all aspects of management, with a focus on ‘hard discount’ markets and data management.

Flossie D

Flossie O’Leary, Healthcare Consultant

Former Deputy Director of Clinica Tepeyac and a community health expert with a focus on LIC issues and FQHC qualification and designation.  Active in non-profit and private partnerships, raising over $36MM in funding to date.

John D

John Glace, Strategic Advisor/Marketing and Revenue

A global leader with expertise in customer development, marketing, shopper strategy and engagement, and business process development.

Craig Stutzman

Craig Stutzman, Technology Consultant

A skilled technology and business executive with over 30 years experience in data communications, telephony, embedded systems and point-of-sale systems.


Scott Childress, Director of Strategic Partnerships

An executive team leader skilled at developing strategic partnerships, new marketing initiatives, and sales strategies to increase revenue and profits.

Advisory Board

Dave E

Dave Mitchell, Technology and Data Science Advisor

Senior Director of Data Science and Software Engineering at Oracle Data Cloud. A skilled manager, programmer and analyst, with a talent for building high performing teams that can quickly bring innovative ideas to market.


Archana Kansagra, Healthcare Advisor

Formerly responsible for Health & Wellness Product and Strategy at Aetna. Develops innovative products and tools for the marketplace that empower people to take charge of their health and well-being.

Alex Cooper

Alex Cooper, Strategic Advisor

An innovator who co-founded three technology startups, with two public exits.  Experienced in digital payment solutions, mobile payments and emerging financial services products.